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Change current device to specified device. More...


AFAPI void deviceset (const int device)
AFAPI void setDevice (const int device)
 Sets the current device. More...
AFAPI af_err af_set_device (const int device)
AFAPI af_err af_get_device (int *device)

Detailed Description

Change current device to specified device.

These functions change the current device. Operations after this called will be performed on the set device.

Function Documentation

◆ af_get_device()

AFAPI af_err af_get_device ( int *  device)

◆ af_set_device()

AFAPI af_err af_set_device ( const int  device)

◆ deviceset()

AFAPI void deviceset ( const int  device)

Sets the current device.

[in]deviceThe ID of the target device
Use setDevice() instead

◆ setDevice()