[][src]Trait arrayfire::Convertable

pub trait Convertable {
    type OutType;
    fn convert(&self) -> Array<Self::OutType>
        Self::OutType: HasAfEnum
; }

Type Trait to convert to an Array

Generic functions that overload the binary operations such as add, div, mul, rem, ge etc. are bound by this trait to allow combinations of scalar values and Array objects as parameters to those functions.

Internally, Convertable trait is implemented by following types.

Associated Types

type OutType

This type alias always points to Self which is the type of Array returned by the trait method convert.

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Required methods

fn convert(&self) -> Array<Self::OutType> where
    Self::OutType: HasAfEnum

Get an Array of implementors type

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl Convertable for Complex<f64>[src]

type OutType = Complex<f64>

impl Convertable for Complex<f32>[src]

type OutType = Complex<f32>

impl Convertable for u64[src]

type OutType = u64

impl Convertable for i64[src]

type OutType = i64

impl Convertable for f64[src]

type OutType = f64

impl Convertable for f32[src]

type OutType = f32

impl Convertable for i32[src]

type OutType = i32

impl Convertable for u32[src]

type OutType = u32

impl Convertable for i16[src]

type OutType = i16

impl Convertable for u16[src]

type OutType = u16

impl Convertable for u8[src]

type OutType = u8

impl Convertable for bool[src]

type OutType = bool

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impl<T: HasAfEnum> Convertable for Array<T>[src]

type OutType = T

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