[][src]Function arrayfire::clamp

pub fn clamp<T, C>(
    input: &Array<T>,
    arg1: &C,
    arg2: &C,
    batch: bool
) -> Array<<T as ImplicitPromote<<C as Convertable>::OutType>>::Output> where
    T: HasAfEnum + ImplicitPromote<<C as Convertable>::OutType>,
    C: Convertable,
    <C as Convertable>::OutType: HasAfEnum + ImplicitPromote<T>,
    <T as ImplicitPromote<<C as Convertable>::OutType>>::Output: HasAfEnum

Clamp the values of Array


Both parameters arg1 and arg2 can be either an Array or a value of rust integral type.

Return Values

An Array with results of the binary operation.


The trait Convertable essentially translates to a scalar native type on rust or Array.