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seq.h File Reference
#include <af/defines.h>

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Data Structures

struct  af_seq
 C-style struct to creating sequences for indexing. More...
class  seq
 seq is used to create sequences for indexing af::array More...


namespace  af


typedef struct af_seq af_seq


AFAPI af_seq af_make_seq (double begin, double end, double step)
 Create a new af_seq object. More...


static const af_seq af_span = {1, 1, 0}
AFAPI int end
 A special value representing the last value of an axis. More...
AFAPI seq span
 A special value representing the entire axis of an af::array. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ af_seq

typedef struct af_seq af_seq

Function Documentation

◆ af_make_seq()

AFAPI af_seq af_make_seq ( double  begin,
double  end,
double  step 

Create a new af_seq object.

Variable Documentation

◆ af_span

const af_seq af_span = {1, 1, 0}

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