[][src]Struct arrayfire::Event

pub struct Event { /* fields omitted */ }

RAII construct to manage ArrayFire events

Sharing Across Threads

While sharing an Event with other threads, just move it across threads.


impl Event[src]

pub fn mark(&self)[src]

Marks the event on the active computation queue.

If the event is enqueued/waited on later, any operations that are currently enqueued on the event queue will be completed before any events that are enqueued after the call to enqueue

pub fn enqueue_wait(&self)[src]

Enqueues the event and all enqueued events on the active queue

All operations enqueued after a call to enqueue will not be executed until operations on the queue when mark was called are complete

pub fn block(&self)[src]

Blocks the calling thread on events until all events on the computation stream before mark was called are complete

Trait Implementations

impl Default for Event[src]

impl Drop for Event[src]

impl Send for Event[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Event

impl !Sync for Event

impl Unpin for Event

impl UnwindSafe for Event

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