[][src]Function arrayfire::skew

pub fn skew<T: HasAfEnum>(
    input: &Array<T>,
    skew0: f32,
    skew1: f32,
    odim0: i64,
    odim1: i64,
    method: InterpType,
    is_inverse: bool
) -> Array<T>

Skew an image

Skew function skews the input array along dim0 by skew0 and along dim1 by skew1. The skew areguments are in radians. Skewing the data means the data remains parallel along 1 dimensions but the other dimensions gets moved along based on the angle. If both skew0 and skew1 are specified, then the data will be skewed along both directions. Explicit output dimensions can be specified using odim0 and odim1. All new values that do not map to a location of the input array are set to 0.

Skew is a special case of the transform function.


Return Values

Skewed Image