[][src]Function arrayfire::save_image_native

pub fn save_image_native<T>(filename: String, input: &Array<T>) where
    T: HasAfEnum + ImageNativeType

Save an Array without modifications to an image file

This function only accepts U8, U16, F32 arrays. These arrays are saved to images without any modifications. You must also note that note all image type support 16 or 32 bit images. The best options for 16 bit images are PNG, PPM and TIFF. The best option for 32 bit images is TIFF. These allow lossless storage.

The images stored have the following properties:

Array TypeBits per Color (Gray/RGB/RGBA Bits Per Pixel)Range
U88 ( 8/24/32 BPP)0 - 255
U1616 (16/48/64 BPP)0 - 65535
F3232 (32/96/128 BPP)0 - 1