[][src]Struct arrayfire::RandomEngine

pub struct RandomEngine { /* fields omitted */ }

Random number generator engine

This is a wrapper for ArrayFire's native random number generator engine.


impl RandomEngine[src]

pub fn new(rengine: RandomEngineType, seed: Option<u64>) -> Self[src]

Create a new random engine object


Return Values

A object of type RandomEngine

pub fn get_type(&self) -> RandomEngineType[src]

Get random engine type

pub fn set_type(&mut self, engine_type: RandomEngineType)[src]

Get random engine type

pub fn set_seed(&mut self, seed: u64)[src]

Set seed for random engine

pub fn get_seed(&self) -> u64[src]

Get seed of the random engine

pub fn get(&self) -> i64[src]

Returns the native FFI handle for Rust object RandomEngine

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for RandomEngine[src]

Increment reference count of RandomEngine's native resource

impl Drop for RandomEngine[src]

Free RandomEngine's native resource

impl From<i64> for RandomEngine[src]

Used for creating RandomEngine object from native resource id

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for RandomEngine

impl Send for RandomEngine

impl Sync for RandomEngine

impl Unpin for RandomEngine

impl UnwindSafe for RandomEngine

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