A high-performance general-purpose compute library
Exponential and logarithmic functions

exp, log, expm1, log1p, etc. More...


 Evaluate the cube root.
 Evaluate the error function.
 Evaluate the complementary error function.
 Evaluate the exponential function.
 Evaluate the exponential function of an array minus 1, exp(in) - 1.
 Evaluate the factorial.
 Evaluate the logarithm of the absolute value of the gamma function.
 Evaluate the natural logarithm.
 Evaluate the base 10 logarithm.
 Evaluate the natural logarithm of 1 + input, ln(1+in).
 Evaluate the base 2 logarithm.
 Raise a base to a power (or exponent).
 Raise 2 to a power (or exponent).
 Evaluate the nth root.
 Evaluate the reciprocal square root.
 Evaluate the square root.
 Evaluate the gamma function.

Detailed Description

exp, log, expm1, log1p, etc.