[][src]Function arrayfire::orb

pub fn orb<T>(
    input: &Array<T>,
    fast_thr: f32,
    max_feat: u32,
    scl_fctr: f32,
    levels: u32,
    blur_img: bool
) -> (Features, Array<T>) where
    T: HasAfEnum + RealFloating

ORB feature descriptor

Extract ORB descriptors from FAST features that hold higher Harris responses. FAST does not compute orientation, thus, orientation of features is calculated using the intensity centroid. As FAST is also not multi-scale enabled, a multi-scale pyramid is calculated by downsampling the input image multiple times followed by FAST feature detection on each scale.


Return Values

This function returns a tuple of Features and Array. The features objects composed of Arrays for x and y coordinates, score, orientation and size of selected features. The Array object is a two dimensional Array of size Nx8 where N is number of selected features.