[][src]Function arrayfire::fast

pub fn fast<T>(
    input: &Array<T>,
    thr: f32,
    arc_len: u32,
    non_max: bool,
    feat_ratio: f32,
    edge: u32
) -> Features where
    T: HasAfEnum + ImageFilterType

Fast feature detector

A circle of radius 3 pixels, translating into a total of 16 pixels, is checked for sequential segments of pixels much brighter or much darker than the central one. For a pixel p to be considered a feature, there must exist a sequential segment of arc_length pixels in the circle around it such that all are greather than (p + thr) or smaller than (p - thr). After all features in the image are detected, if nonmax is true, the non-maximal suppression is applied, checking all detected features and the features detected in its 8-neighborhood and discard it if its score is non maximal.


Return Values

This function returns an object of struct Features containing Arrays for x and y coordinates and score, while array oreientation is set to 0 as FAST does not compute orientation. Size is set to 1 as FAST does not compute multiple scales.